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Wind Shields

Space protection from wind and cold

Wind Shields Space protection from wind and cold

Windshields are an innovative wind protection system for open spaces of restaurants and coffee bars and more.

Windshields are made of aluminum or iron profiles and can be electrostatically painted in the color of your choise. This way, the oxidation is avoided and their long life is achieved.

Windshields are an ideal solution for catering businesses, which need customer service locations, private spaces, while they can also function as office dividers.
They make the most of any outdoor space, as they provide absolute coverage from weather conditions combined with ease of use, high aesthetics and unobstructed views. One of the advantages of windshields is that they can not be screwed to the floor when it is prohibited by law. In this case, the system can be placed in a special base, giving the illusion of its extension for greater elegance and their movement is done manually with comfort, while there is also the possibility of adding an electric mechanism with control (up - down). In case there are gaps between the windshields, security glass doors can be installed. This way we can achieve uniformity in appearance.

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